Fatty’s Pre Rolls – Primo (20 Joints / $4.99 Per Pre Rolled)


Introducing our Primo line up, clipped from only the best buds in our Garden. As found within the 28 Grams catalogue expect to enjoy our same great strains you see today. Peace of mind of ready to smoke, spectacular cone joints made fresh daily.

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Founded by the partners at 28 Grams, Fatty’s is quickly becoming a house hold name! Jammed with value, our pre rolled selection, pricing and guaranteed quality control from seed to joint makes for a winner. Every package is complete with 20 cone joints, each weighing in at 1 gram or more per joint. Enjoy the benefits of efficient and ready to smoke joints for the best price in the industry. We understand premium product is not always the solution for some patients. Cost or desired effects are typical reasons to push a patient away from a premium grade product. We expect our commitment to compassion pricing will allow our patients to afford our premium joints. However options are always preferred and we have a stellar second option for those of you who desire.

Cost Per Pre Rolled: $4.99
Weight.055 kg


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