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Our Concentrate Sap is essentially shatter with the terpenes still in it, to give it a better flavour profile. This Sap is extremely potent and works great with dab rigs or vaporizers.


28 Grams produces premium concentrates that are pharmaceutical-grade and produced for medical wholesale. Our extraction lab is positioned conveniently within one of our larger grow facilities here in the beautiful Fraser Valley of British Columbia. All extracts that we produce have historically been for the reserved for our wholesale distribution network. We now have a steady streamline of quality shatter that we can offer directly to the consumer “you” at consistently low compassion pricing 28 grams is used to seeing for the long term.


Cost Per Gram for 2.5 Grams: $19.99


2.5 Grams

3 reviews for Concentrate Sap

  1. Silverlockett (verified owner)

    Take it from long time user, this is good shyte. As they say it is comparable to shatter

  2. Skott38 (verified owner)

    I love this product however I am not fond of the container it comes in. Should be a silicone container not glass.

  3. paul edwards (verified owner)

    I’ve been loving this stuff. I’ve been using it by painting on my rolling paper then adding some pot to it. Dynamite!

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