Fattys Vape Cartridges (1 gram)


Fattys brand is produced in house, and always lives up to 28 Grams reputation.


28 Grams in house brand Fattys; is introducing it’s very own Vape Cartridges. These cartridges are above the industry standard, and of course below industry price. They contain over 95% pure distillate, and each cartridge contains 1000 mgs in it. The terpenes and flavouring used to give each pen a different taste and experience are all natural. There is no P.G or V.G used in making these cartridges.




Blueberry: Indica
Green Apple: Hybrid (out of stock)
Watermelon: Sativa (out of stock)
Unflavoured: Hybrid (out of stock)
Pineapple: Hybrid (out of stock)
Orange: Indica (out of stock)
 Grape: Hybrid (out of stock)

Mint: Sativa (out of stock)


(Battery and Charger Sold Separately)


Unflavoured (Hybrid) (out of stock), Pineapple (Hybrid)(out of stock), Orange (Indica) (out of stock), Green Apple (Hybrid) (out of stock), Watermelon, Mint (Sativa) (out of stock), Blueberry (Indica) (out of stock)


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